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About the Company


Social policy of the Company

Main areas of the Company's activities in the social sphere include:

  1. Social benefit programs for its employees
  2. Cultural and educational projects
  3. Programs for the development of physical education and sport
  4. Programs for the support of children with special developmental needs
  5. Targeted charitable support

Social benefit programs for employees

To retain the Company's personnel, promote social stability in the team and secure highly qualified staff, Sfera GC top management decided to develop and implement social benefit programs for the Company's employees in routine management practices.

Currently these include:

  • Social benefits and guarantees
  • Employee health care
  • Organization of employees' leisure
  • Work with young and prospective specialists

Cultural and educational projects

The cooperation of Sfera Group of Companies with the best theaters has become a real tradition. Its long-term partners include the State Theater of Nations, managed by Evgeny Mironov. In 2010, Sfera GC began supporting the New European Theater, a theatrical festival. In 2011, the Company supported the implementation of the Theatrical Weekend project in Tula, when the city's residents had a chance to witness a repertoire's best performance, The Tales of Shukshyn, by the troupe of the State Theater of Nations with Evgeny Mironov and Zhulpan Khamatova.

Programs for the development of physical education and sport

Mass physical education, health-oriented and sports events take place in different types of sports, as well as sports contests for work teams, indoor soccer tournaments, health days and other events with financial support from the Company.

The following events are held in conjunction with the Horse Breeding and Equestrian Sports Federation of Tula Region under the auspices of the Equestrian Center of Park-Hotel Grumant (part of Sfera Group of Companies):

  • Open club equestrian double event
  • The Equestrian Sports Cup of the Governor of Tula Region
  • The Show Jumping Championship of Tula Region
  • Open club qualification dressage competitions

Programs for the support of children with special developmental needs

Considerable focus is placed on social support for children with weaker health. A number of events are organized and held in cooperation with TROO Little Country: the Annual Region Festival of Hippotherapy; effort within the Little Centaur program — lessons for autistic children at the Equestrian Center; effort within the Utyata-Autyata program — lessons in the swimming pool based on E. V. Lazareva's techniques.

Targeted charitable support

Every year the Company spends a significant amount on targeted charitable support. Beneficiaries include temples and parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, community and charitable organizations, establishments of education, social security, etc.


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